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Contexts: Reading in the Disciplines

Contexts: Reading in the Disciplines is a unique, upper-level developmental reading textbook. It contextualizes skills development and active management strategies within discipline specific content, such as psychology, criminal justice, or health. Students develop meaningful schema as they address scaffolded instructional material and activities and related theme based reading modules, including popular and expository text. Robust exercises, authentic applications, and related online material enrich the work.

Experience Reading Books 1 and 2

A wonderful introductory, student friendly, developmental reading textbook series. Book 1 contextualizes the development and application of active, critical reading skills within content relevant to the first year college experience. These include such topics as diversity, code of conduct, physical and emotional health and well being, relationships, the job market, and resilience. Book 2 raises the reading level bar, and contextualizes skills development within subject areas most popular with college freshman, including Psychology, Sociology, Health, and Criminal Justice.